New Patient Info

1. Schedule online or call for an appointment.

2. Once your appointment has been confirmed; you will receive an appointment confirmation.  

3. If you are scheduling Tele-therapy services, you will also receive a personal link for your virtual visit with your appointment confirmation email.

4. For on-site concierge services in a place of business other than your own (gym), you are responsible for coordinating with the facility to bring in an outside therapist. 

Patient Forms

Once your appointment is confirmed, we kindly request you complete the following patient forms prior to your appointment. This will ensure you appointment time is maximized evaluation and treating your needs!

For ALL Clients

 Please complete these forms prior to your appointment (Click on Form Name ):

Additionally for Tele-therapy Clients

 Receipt of this form is required prior to your appointment (Click on Form Name ):

Watch to learn How to Check-in for Tele-therapy Services: